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Dress African - It suits you!

Welcome to Dress African Online...

Dress African: A name that connotes uniqueness, quality and timeless beauty. We provide an interesting mix of styles from across Africa. Our outfits give you the opportunity to express yourself in the language of your choice. Classic, flamboyant, conservative.Or a style all your own. Our collection is in no way ordinary.

We are your one stop multi-ethnic fashion shop. Dress African, it suits you.

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Our Core Values

* Uncompromising quality
* Focusing on the client
* Commitment to excellence
* Integrity

Style, Heritage and Culture.

Africa: Adventurous, colorful; from the plains of Egypt, to the wilds of Kenya. The sands of Dakar to the shores of Lagos.

Where we are

Contact Information

  • Shop 5, Njema court opp UNHCR
  • Rhapta road, Westlands. Nairobi.
  • +254 (0)20 4449015